For Best Results, you Need the Right Tools!

These betting tools are essential supplements to help bettors to manage and plan their bets more easily, more quickly, the smart way and more automatically.

Coupled with strategies, selections, staking plans and automated betting systems, they will become indispensable must use tools for serious bettors!

Suitable for all sports, extremely easy to use and a user friendly interface. More updates are free!

At Bettingdev we believe in taking care of our bettors and traders, don’t hesitate to send us your betting tools needs in suggestion section in our forum!

What you need in your Kit to optimize your betting power!

Available Right Now is the PROFIT SIMULATOR with many others that are worth waiting for in development and coming soon:

  • Bank management
  • Statistics
  • Calculators
  • Accumulators
  • And more!


Dutching Calculator and FindTheGoodBet will be available in September 2017. However, by pre-ordering now you can ensure both the preorder price and automatic delivery the moment they are released.

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*Testing and Quality Assurance are important to us (and often take more time than the development!)