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Betting Software Development Service from Bettingdev offers a full scope of services to deliver cost-effective and reliable software solutions matching your specific betting needs. Bettingdev develops Windows Applications that provide additional value and help deliver superior services.

Whether you want a betting software product or a unique solution, Bettingdev can provide end-to-end custom software development services to get your betting project off to a flying start.

Our Windows Applications (.exe) use the COM interface of our partner Gruss (Betting Assistant) to communicate with Betfair or Betdaq, and are multi-tasking programs, and so can easily perform several tasks at the same time. Bookmaker websites are also supported.

Our Applications are especialy recommended for semi-professional and professional bettors.

Our Process
Software Development Methodology

Requirements Analysis

Analysing the requirements of a betting software is the first step to creating it.

This can demand skill and experience!

Bettingdev Team formalize requirements for the bot and prepare scope documents for your project.

Architecture and Design

At Bettingdev, Architecture is strategic, while Design is tactical.

Essential engineering step

Architecture is “what” we’re building (allocation of system requirements to system elements); Design is “how” we’re building (frameworks, language, technology,…)

Coding and Development

Coding is the logical part of the development process, the longest phase.

We call this teamwork

In this phase, Bettingdev brains are working on coding: each task is assigned to a different coder by the project manager.

Testing and Deployment

In this step, the Windows Application undergoes its testing in real betting conditions.

Tests okay = Launch of the Application

Bettingdev Team focuses on resolving and prioritizing bugs and preparing the solution for release.

Support and Maintenance

We’re committed to providing exceptional technical support to be available for YOU!

Fast and Efficient

Extended hours of support plus direct access to engineering team, for even your most challenging questions.

Windows Applications Advantages

Bettingdev offers best practice in betting software development to ensure reliable and professional bots. We pay maximum attention to solution architecture and code quality. By constantly mastering new technologies and approaches we ensure you’re getting quality you want.

More stability and much faster because a Windows Application is a multi-tasking program, contrary to Excel that can not manage several tasks at a time.
No longer need to buy an Excel licence to run the bot, the application will be an executable.
The code is easier to maintain, which means that the application is scalable, and further modules could be more easily added to the application.
A database can be integrated into the application.
If you want to sell your bot, the application can be protected, and it will not be possible for a user to give the application to another person: 1 licence=1 computer.

What can we integrate in a Windows application?

This is a non-exhaustive list, the possibilities are endless, which explains why this application is so powerful!

  • Database
  • Statistics
  • Graphs
  • In-play trading
  • Markets scanner
  • Livescores
  • Placing bets
  • Sending E-mail alerts
  • Sending SMS alerts
  • Secured payment integration

Let Bettingdev put you on the road to winning!

Why Choose Us

      • COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS: The development of a betting application will always be more cost effective than a manual method. And we know the impact of time and profit is very important for bettors and traders.
      • TOTAL CONFIDENTIALITY: As software engineers, confidentiality is part of our job. This is required for any project no matter what it is. No information you provide to us will be disclosed or reused for the creation of another bot, this is YOUR project.
      • DEDICATED TEAM: We can deal with all kinds of betting software development projects of all levels of complexity, from smallest to biggest. Our team is dedicated, hardworking and enthusiastic to work on challenging projects. Bringing in 100% satisfactory results is what we promise.
      • HIGH-PERFORMANCE CUSTOM SOFTWARE: We have a deep understanding of a wide range of betting fields, and a real experience in development methods for betting project execution.
      • FRONTLINE SUPPORT: Bettingdev Support means that we don’t have a separate support team. Every engineer of Bettingdev has support as priority number one. This translates into the highest level of support possible by giving customers unfiltered access to the developers who build and maintain the technology.

What Client’s Say

I would like to recommend Bettingdev to every one interested in building a windows applications as a custom betting software. The team is very professional and the customer service is very reactive. I call an “extra bonus” in customer relationship. I want to say them “congratulations” for this project and for the work done!
Peter H.
You {Bettingdev} all have provided me with a very professional and pleasant betting bot and have provided exactly what I had in mind for my system (and more!). Everyone I have worked with has been extremely professional and friendly. Any requests that I have had have always been answered in a very timely manner. Highly recommended!
Tim K.

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