Profit making opportunities await!

Expected launch period: First quarter 2017

Solution for Investors is aimed towards BIG investors!

We are all adults here, so let’s talk straight. We are talking about betting, which carries an element of risk. Therefore, responsible bettors will have a Bank. This is money they want to increase by winning but, though they don’t like it and it will hurt, they can afford to lose i.e. they are not betting with next month’s rent or the children’s new shoes.

At Bettingdev, we are experienced in betting, in data analysis and in programming. We have used these skills to develop, analyse and test solutions. We are planning to launch a number of products in the future.

BIG investors (i.e. who have a sizeable Bank – minimum several thousand) will be especially interested in BETTING SOLUTION FOR INVESTORS which is still undergoing final development and testing.

Why will it be of interest? As above, we acknowledge the risk element but our data and testing tell us profit making opportunities await! You can increase your Bank by 15% or more. Per month!

When it becomes available BETTING SOLUTION FOR INVESTORS will operate according to our systems and selections. No commissions or other account fees.

Let me know when the product will be available