Triggered betting will change the way you think of betting!

You can make it do whatever you want with the triggers!

With a set of instructions called a ‘trigger’, we can order MarketFeeder Pro to perform any, even the most sophisticated, combination of bets conditioned by the special criteria you have specified in your strategy.

Everything is fast, automatic… You don’t need to spend all day in front of your computer!
Less stress… You will be relieved from nervous clicking and switching windows in the hope of chasing the chance that often lasts only for a few seconds or less. You will never be as fast as the technology, but now you can catch it as it happens!

The test mode of MarketFeeder Pro is a big plus! It offers you the great opportunity to test your trigger without spending a penny!

For anyone who knows nothing about betting triggers and wants to understand the process

To help you understand the full process we are going to take you on a journey. Let’s assume you have been watching the races and you have spotted something that might make a profitable system. As we’ve advised you, all our client’s ideas are confidential. Because of that, right now, we are going to invent an entirely new “system”. We have no idea if it will be profitable or not but let’s put together a trigger. In doing this you will see the whole point of our approach.

So, say, your idea is that you’ve seen in handicaps that the 2nd favourite tends to lose when there are more than 6 runners in a race; when there is a gap of at least 1 point between the prices of the favourite and second favourite (For example Favourite 2.52, 2nd Favourite 3.61) and when the favourite is not odds on. Also, let’s suppose as well you have noticed that the second favourite is more likely to lose when it’s price falls more slowly than the price of the favourite in the last 2 minutes before the off. Remember, all this is imaginary.

Now, all this may be true and you could well be on to something but there is no way you can spend all day waiting in front of your screen just in case these special circumstances come about. And, if they do, can you be quick enough to calculate there is a gap of at least one point between the 2 favourites? Almost certainly you will not be fast enough to calculate if the price has fallen faster for the favourite. And, if you could do all that, how can you test the theory out safely so that, if it doesn’t work, you won’t lose any money finding out?

You need a trigger! And, believe it or not. you have already designed it when you put together your rules. Now you need somebody to build it.
That’s where we come in.

Your rules:
6+ runners
Favourite is not odds on
1+ points between first and second favourites
in last 2 minutes before the Off, price of favourite falls faster than the price of the second favourite
If all this is true: Lay £X on the second favourite.
You might even go on to build in a stop-loss rule or a recoupment rule!

Normally when you send us your idea it will confidential to you. However, we will use this sample case to show you what happens. We will return the proposed trigger with a PDF showing you what to do with it. In this case, press the button “Ask for a quote” and we will send you the trigger we have created for the above rules.

You’ve now got your trigger: you can set it to run and it will operate according to your rules. You don’t have to be there. Simply check your results at the end of the day so that you can see whether the idea can be profitable or not.

The above is a sample to let you understand the process. Now that you do understand, feel free to let your creative juices run and test out your own betting systems. When you do develop a profitable idea, you can go live and, again, set the machine running while you get on with more important things. You are no longer tied to your screen.

Remember, this is only a test trigger to illustrate the process. We have no idea if it will make money and you MUST NOT try it live. However, you are free to try it in Test Mode*. Indeed, any time we send you a trigger, we strongly urge you to try it in Test Mode first. In fact one of our clients says he has tried many triggers and saved a fortune by testing them to destruction before going live with some of them and rejecting the others. By becoming more systematic he is making more and losing less, a bettor and not a losing pin-sticker.

What Client’s Say about Bettingdev

“I’ve used these guys for a few triggers, some pretty complex, and am VERY pleased with the results, even more so with the explanations that have come with more recent triggers and, through all our association, they’ve been generous with backup support and preparedness to tweak the triggers they’ve provided. Bottom line: you have a trigger problem? Be assured these guys will get you over the line.”
John D.
“I have had a number of MFP Triggers prepared by these guys over the last year or so and on each occasion their service and skills have been excellent.”
Martin A.
“What an absolute pleasure working with these guys. Everything you expect, they deliver. Service is outstanding, work is quality and accurate. Knowledge is professional. Couldn’t ask for more. Highly recommended!”
Philip R.


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  • Right now there are 50 actions available

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    (Free subscription – A one time only deposit of £5 minimum is required if you wish to run the trigger in test mode with MFP).
    If you are a new customer of MarketFeeder Pro, use our promotional code “BETTINGDEV”, you will receive a two months free trial with MFP instead of the one month!

Ask for a quote and we give you a price that includes:

  • Analysis of your project
  • Programming of your trigger with a maximum number of variables to better adjust your strategy
  • Functional testing
  • PDF instructions file
  • Our awesome support!

A few days later, we deliver the trigger. It’s that easy!

Do you want to give it a go? Great!
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