Summary of won with Malbot settings in manual mode for December 17 and January 18: $3014! And of course these ratings are also used for auto betting based on the user’s settings.

Just take a look below. Not bad results we suppose…  🙂

Dont Babylon 30.12.17 Domben Race 9

Using Malbot Settings in manual mode: Each Way Bet
Stake: $40
Return: $1262

Using Malbot in auto betting mode: In one day $352 of profit.

Horse Racing Bot

Doomben Race 9 20.01.18

Using Malbot Settings in manual mode: Trifecta Bet
Stake: $30
Return (win): $1752

Using Malbot in auto betting mode: In one day $518 of profit.Trifecta won with Malbot Horse Racing

Big Result – Bot backs winner and picks 1st & 2nd and I get the trifecta again – Malbot wins again!


A lot of users love it and make their betting a profitable and pleasurable hobby in auto betting mode and/or manual mode for trifectas/tricasts, each way bet, win, place, etc!

Choose the manual like one of our users or if you prefer use the auto betting mode or use both!
I am very happy with the program in general, I don’t use it’s automatic features (auto betting mode), I just use it as a way of having a scan of all market values at certain time intervals and then I trade manually x-x mins before a race. For that, it’s gold dust.

Two ways to use it to get the best.