August 2018


2018-08-20T12:47:44+02:00August 20th, 2018|Spikey Tennis, Automated Betting Software|

Spikey Tennis is designed to help you to find the best betting tennis opportunities. You can set Spikey Tennis to scan up to 13 different markets (Match Odds/Handicap/Total Games/etc) from all the tennis games (ATP/WTA/ITF/Challenger/etc) available on Betfair. If there are any inconsistencies in any of them, then you will know about it a lot [...]

HUGE PROFIT of +873.99 since July 25 with “TOP SELECTION” System of GoodBet HR and DRS

2019-05-28T10:10:57+02:00August 12th, 2018|GoodBet, Daily Data Services|

It’s time to do a quick update on the results of the “Top Selection” system of GoodBet with Daily Races Services we recently launched. We will dwell on the 1st version of our system because we only have 7 days of data concerning the 2nd version of the system. Since July 25, out of a [...]

Malbot with its default settings finished July with a nice profit of $1067!!

2018-08-12T13:51:39+02:00August 12th, 2018|Malbot|

Just click here to see betting history of July. Malbot Horse Racing Bot is delivered with default settings that suit UK/IRE/AUS races. But you can of course modify the settings (scanning times, ratings, minimum favourite’s price, and much more!). And each month we provide to all Malbot users some suggested settings. But as we [...]

July 2018

Another good day for our “Top Selection”: £360 of profit since the launch date (6 days ago)!

2019-05-28T10:13:01+02:00July 28th, 2018|GoodBet, Daily Data Services|

TOP SELECTION System of GoodBet HR with Daily Races by using a LOW RISK staking plan   Another good day for our "Top Selection" strategy: 3 selections matched the criteria = 3 winners! Current strike rate: 30.3% Average winning odds: 3.72 You would have won more than £360 since the launch date (6 days ago), [...]

In 5 days more than £270 of profit with “Top Selection” of GoodBet!

2019-05-28T10:17:44+02:00July 28th, 2018|GoodBet, Daily Data Services|

Top Selection System Whether with its systems or giving a flavour of what is possible by showing our best results with trifecta/tricast, exacta/CSF and winners... GOODBET Horse Racing Edition rocks AGAIN AND AGAIN!! On Monday, we talked to you about one of the systems of GoodBet's selection called "Top Selection" and how it is [...]

GoodBet’s selections: A profitable betting system!

2019-05-28T10:20:12+02:00July 23rd, 2018|GoodBet, Daily Data Services|

A very profitable betting system... As requested by many GoodBet's users, we would like to share with you one of the profitable betting systems based on GoodBet's selections with Daily Races. In first instance, we have decided to simply focus on the TOP GOODBET SELECTION. After having studied all the races (UK/IRE) from the [...]

Successful Betting is not about following the crowd. It’s about seeing what they don’t see!

2019-05-28T10:23:35+02:00July 22nd, 2018|GoodBet, Daily Data Services|

Horse Racing Data: And that's where GoodBet Horse Racing Edition with Daily Races comes in... There are so many measurable factors that impact on a race. It's why punters turn to various methods to identify their selections, usually historical race data: if the horse has been in the frame last time out, then it [...]

Wot’s a Betfair bot and Do You Need One?

2018-08-01T15:46:13+02:00July 21st, 2018|Automated Betting Software|

Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro, Malbot, Spikey and Spikey Tennis: Betfair Bots A Betfair Bot is simply a computer program that runs automatically on Betfair, according to the rules in the program. And there is no doubt there are many opportunities to make use of them on Betfair. Since they work automatically, one particular strength [...] uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Ok