While our core mission is to develop software that puts our bettors in the best position when it comes to making their betting decisions, a secondary objective is to continuously analyse goodbet’s data to develop and share profitable systems. We constantly keep watch on and adapt all of our strategies*

We know that many of our users also adapt our strategies to suit their needs and, equally, we have many who use Goodbet HR/DRS’ ratings and data to develop their own systems. We love hearing their stories. Together with our users, we make a great team.

*Though always with the caution that the past does not predict the future.  This is why we keep an eye on our strategies: those that have been successful and those that appeared sound but did not deliver at the time they were developed. We all know that winning patterns can change, that systems may work well for the data period researched and then  weaken when a new data pattern that appears concurrently with the application of the system.  The converse also holds. 



Top Selection System

Profit/Loss Evolution

The selection process is very simple and it takes less than 1 minute with GOODBET HR/DRS. For each race of the day (UK/IRE, flat and jump races), do the following:

  • Check that the Data Quality is equal or greater than 50.
  • Check that the horse ranked first by GoodBet HR/DRS (first horse of the ranking table) has a final score between 13 and 15 points in jump races or between 17 and 18 points in flat races.
  • If these 2 previous points are validated, the horse ranked first is a preselection.

We advise you to add each preselection to your Betslip, we will see later how to validate or not each one. If you want to automate the process as much as possible (only possible with Betting Exchanges like Betfair), you can export the selections list of your Betslip to a CSV file which will allow you to import the selections into an automated betting software like the one of our partner TheBetEngine (note that their software also includes the staking plan we recommend).

An ultimate verification, just before the off, is necessary before to place a bet on a selection:

  • Check that the number of runners is equal or less than 12 (we don’t make this verification before because we take into consideration the non-runners of the race).

  • Check that the odds range of the horse is between 2.4 and 5.95.

  • If the selection has passed all the steps successfully, place a BET on it.

More Systems Coming Soon

GoodBet HR is an innovative, popular and profitable tool that has all you need to generate extra income betting on horse racing with the betting exchanges or the bookmakers. No doubt that we will continue to offer in the future some other good profitable systems based on GoodBet ratings to all Daily Races subscribers.

Bettingdev Team is currently analyzing data to offer in a regular basis profitable systems…