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This is definitely an indispensable tool to help you find the winning bets!

GoodBet Horse Racing Data is an exclusive concept software to find winning bets!

It is a great ratings software for horse racing allowing you to estimate the real chance of each runner of a race according to logical criteria.

Its job is to cut through and organise all the information so that you are presented with a broad analysis of any race, leaving you free focus on the more likely winners.

The methodology is simple: In manual entry mode (Free Version), you simply have to fill the different criteria for the horses of your selections by ticking the check box if the answer is yes.

But to not have to waste hours of your valuable time manually entering data into GoodBet HR you can choose instead to subscribe to the Advanced Version to get every morning all the UK/IRE races with all the data automatically filled for the ridiculous price of £14.95/month. Then, GoodBet HR will determine if your horse(s) is/are worth a bet or not according to logical criteria.

Want to enjoy tons more features? Subscribe to the Premium Plan (£49.95/month) and access all features of Advanced Plan plus profitable systems and full historical data.

You have now the luxury of time and ready facts organised for you to make your betting decision without being in a hurry and with all the necessary information.

GoodBet Horse Racing is really a great software of condensed horse racing data and profitable systems maker all-in-1!