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HUGE PROFIT of +873.99 since July 25 with “TOP SELECTION” System of GoodBet HR and DRS

It’s time to do a quick update on the results of the “Top Selection” system of GoodBet with Daily Races Services we recently launched.

We will dwell on the 1st version of our system because we only have 7 days of data concerning the 2nd version of the system.

Since July 25out of a total of 18 days, the system pointed 87 selections for 26 wins. The strike rate is a good one at 29.9% with average winning odds of 4.15.

The longest winning sequence was 4 and the longest losing sequence, 7.

With a fixed stake of 10, you would have won 167.85 (ROI: 19.29).

Note that this amount has been calculated using Betfair prices and taking into account a Betfair commission equal to 5%.

And by applying the staking plan that we recommended, you would have make HUGE PROFIT of +873.99, with a ROI increased to 44.20%!!!

GoodBet HR coupled with our Daily Races Service (DRS) is without a doubt a very powerful and profitable product. No doubt it’s worth it for only £49.95 (+£9.99 for the DRS monthly subscription).

Our team continues to study different systems to bring to our Daily Races Subscribers even more profit in the future.

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