Save time and effort and get every day all the UK/IRE races with all the data automatically filled into GOODBET for the ridiculous price of £9.99/month!

Here at Bettingdev, we will not hide our pride in GoodBet (Horse Racing Edition) as one of our favorite softwares. GoodBet is a SUPER tool in manual entry mode but, when you choose to subscribe to our DAILY RACES SERVICE (UK/IRE races with all the data automatically filled into GoodBet), things get even easier:
Results are just UNBELIEVABLE!

Some winning selections of Goodbet with our Daily Races Service!

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The job of GoodBet (Horse Racing Edition) is to cut through and organise all the information so that you are presented with a broad analysis of any race, so that you can focus on the more likely winners.

By subscribing to UK/IRE DAILY RACES SERVICE all data are automatically filled into GoodBet. You have now the luxury of time and ready facts organised for you to make your betting decision without being in a hurry and with all the necessary information.