– Free ANTIVIRUS solution!
We now include a free ANTIVIRUS solution (Microsoft Security Essentials), installed and configured free of charge by our Technical Team. 

– Integrated solution to STOP BOOKMAKERS spying you!
IESnare (or ReputationManager) is a web tool use by many of the online bookmakers to monitor their customer’s online activities in order to detect fraudulent behaviour such as multi-accounting. However, it has become apparent that IESnare is used to identify bettor who seek value from bookmakers. Although matched betting is completely legal, bookmakers hate customers that seek value from their business model. Due to this, bookmakers can easily restrict/ban betting accounts.

By tracking your internet history, bookmakers are able to spot people who constantly bounce between many different online betting sites and the big online betting exchanges (Betfair, Smarkets etc). If they suspect you of being a matched bettor or sharp punter who’s shopping round for the very highest odds on a bet; they’re likely to ban you.

The other benefit for the operator is that they can cross-reference customer data with other bookmaker websites they own. For example, PaddyPower and Betfair are in the same group, as are Ladbrokes and Coral.

Our integrated solution does not stop IESnare from being installed onto the VPS, but it does stop it from reporting back any “findings” to the betting site, thus making it useless at tracking your matched betting activities.  

The way it works is that the iesnare software thinks that the VPS actually IS the iesnare website. This way, every time the iesnare software tries to communicate with it’s website, it’s actually contacting the VPS which of course doesn’t know anything about iesnare and so the whole communication process fails.