Football Value Bets

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The aim of “Football Value Bets” is to deliver the best football value bets available among more than 40 bookmakers covering the main European leagues.

The value bets only concern the MATCH ODDS market, also called MATCH RESULT, 1X2 market or 3Way Result.

Just take a look at these two graphs (by bets/by days) to see how astonishingly effective and profitable this service can be!

Obviously our FootBall Value Bets are time sensitive; it is essential to know the country in which you wish to receive the alerts so that we can ensure Football Value alerts correctly match your UTC.




What does a value bet mean?

Value is a common phrase used in financial investment and has the same meaning in sports betting – if a selection’s probability of occurring is less than it should be, then there is an opportunity for a value bet.
E.g. If we estimate there is a 50% chance that a team wins a game, its odds should be 2.0 (100/50). Let’s say that a bookmaker is offering odds of 2.25, this is a value bet because the odds is more generous than it should be.

To be a successful bettor you need to identify value bets (which is exactly the aim of our service) and bet on them regardless of how likely or unlikely it is to happen.

With Football Value Bets we combine the power of our Predictions (using cutting edge machine learning techniques and statistical models) with a detection algorithm to find the best opportunities/value bets.

As an illustration, we obtained 30 profit points during our first week of official testing. We found this heartening as it validated the earlier results achieved during the development phases. Of course it’s still early to conclude anything using the final version, but it already looks very promising!

How does it work?

You will receive several emails per day containing one or more value bets spotted whenever an opportunity arises.
We provide the bookmaker with the highest odds for the match winner market at the time we pin down the opportunity.

Of course, the better odds you can find, the better the opportunity is. The most important is not to bet on lower odds than indicated, otherwise the opportunity will no longer be a good one and you will not earn money in the long run.

It will happen that you receive several value bets for the same game in the following cases:

  • Another bookmaker also offers a value bet on this game,
  • The odds has increased and you can get a better value bet,
  • The odds has dropped but this is still a good opportunity of value bet.In any case, do not bet more than once per game as bets are calculated to obtain the best possible profitability.

How to place the bets?

Each value bet comes with a recommended stake to place with a view to achieving a profit in the long term.

This stake is the amount of money to bet in order to control the profit and loss to be 1 (euro/pound/dollar) in average with an initial bank of 100. It is effectively a modified Kelly criteria. It is of course recommended to adapt the bets to your own initial bank.
E.g. If you start with a bankroll of 1,000, multiply the stakes by 10.


  1. The first day of your subscription, you will receive all the previous value bets of the day (if the game is not already started). value bet comes with a specific stake to place in a view to achieve a profit in the long term.
  2. Obviously our FootBall Value Bets are time sensitive; Please tell us during checkout the country in which you wish to receive the alerts so that we can ensure Football Value alerts correctly match your UTC.

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