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Welcome to our Support Center!

Here we provide Pre-Sale Support, Sales/Billing Support & Technical Support for Automated Bots, Custom Software, MFP Triggers and Bettingdev UK VPS.


You Should Only Open A Ticket After Doing The Following:

  • If your query is about Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro, Malbot or Spikey, make sure you are running the latest version of the bot. By cliking on the software/bot above, consult the “Product page of the bot/software ==> Additional Information ==> Current Version”
  • If you need help with Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro via the bot click on the button “?” in SS2 Pro, then select “Contact Technical Support” and tick all the boxes, then click on “Send Message”.
  • If you need help with Malbot via the bot click on the button “Tech. Support”, tick all the boxes and “Send Message”.
  • You should always perform our FAQs.
  • If you still cannot find the answer to your question, fill out the form below and our support team will help.
    IMPORTANT: Please only add 1-2 questions per ticket. It keeps things simple and it allows our team to provide faster solutions.

If your bot or trigger is installed on our VPS, any intervention for a technical problem will be FREE.
However if you run your bot or trigger on a VPS to another provider, if you have a technical issue and want our intervention, a fee of £25 will be charged.

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What part of the bot has an issue?
What are you trying to achieve?
What causes the error to show up?
What version of the bot are you using?
Which version of Windows do you use?

It is much easier for us to understand the problem and provide help if you give details on it upfront. If you ask for help by saying “The bot doesn’t work!” then what are we supposed to make out of this? How are we going to help you? Instead, if you give us details and what exactly you are trying to achieve, especially the code error displayed then this allows us to help you resolve the issue easily.


Our policy has always been to answer ALL Support Tickets 7 days a week. We do our best to reply to comments and address issues as quickly as we can but it is impossible for us to instantly address all the issues. While you are waiting for a reply you can search in the forum, FAQ, video tutorials and online documentation. A little search effort and reading from your part can save both your and our time. Indeed, we always recommend that you explore these assets because you can often pick up great ideas and get a better understanding of our products or services.


Make the title of your post relevant to the problem: Please don’t post issues with general titles (help, bot doesn’t work!, urgent, can you help me?). A descriptive post title should have at least 10 characters. The following are good examples of titles so that anyone reading the title gets a good idea of what this problem is about and can get straight to business: “When I execute the installation file, nothing happens” – “My computer is freezing when I use my bot”. uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Ok