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It’s time to move your betting activities
to a UK Virtual Private Server!

Start to benefit ALL the advantages
of THE EXPERT in Betting Hosting.

Our UK VPS allows you keep running your Betting Software 24/7 or to bet with your Bookmaker from ANYWHERE, at ANYTIME, from ANY DEVICE, computer, tablet or mobile (Android or iPhone) and from ANY OPERATING SYSTEM (Windows, MAC or Linux).


Think of a Betting UK VPS as a second personal computer that you rent on a monthly basis for the specialist task of running your betting activities. Constantly online, accessible from anywhere, from any device and at anytime!

Bettingdev Hosting Values

This is why we are the best Betting Bot UK VPS Provider!

But that’s not all, just take a look below…

ALL our Plans Include

CPU Power

There is a tendency for VPS providers to use very little CPU power. Not Bettingdev, we pay special attention by providing the required amount of virtual CPU so that, with more CPU available to you, you can launch more tasks at the same time. Basically with more power your systems can be more complex and still operate smoothly and quickly.

FREE Windows Platform

Windows Platform & SDD Drive are standard and included in our prices! Why? While some providers may offer them as options the fact is you NEED them: the Windows Platform to run your bot and the SSD for speed and performance and to avoid freezing.


And not only for cache! All our virtual machines run on 100 % SSD drives that means performance and speed, giving optimum connectivity to Betfair!

FREE Backups

Backups of our UK VPS are made every day and always for FREE. So if you need a specific information about some of your data you can refer to our  UK VPS support team (we store databases for a week).

UK base IP adress

Our VPS are physically located in London.

No Contract

Your only commitment is as Monthly Subscription – No Hidden Fees – Cancel at Anytime.

99,9 % Up Time guarantee

For sure our UK VPS are RELIABLE! Those who guarantee you 100% is a false promise!

24/7/365 Technical Support

We Love our Job and That Makes all the Difference: Always Top-Notch Support Fast and Helpful!

Stay “Peace Of Mind” With our Bettingdev Plans!


Ideal to run any betting softwares (TheBetEngine, Geekstoy...) or to bet with Bookmakers or Betting Exchanges.

Same plan than Standard more ONE Bettingdev Bot of your choice (License included).
  • 2 Gbit

  • Hard Disk Space

    40 GB

  • FREE

  • Number of virtual CPU


  • Monthly Traffic (bandwidth)

    1000 GB

  • Intel Xeon CPU E5 2640 v2 @ 2,0 Ghz

  • Network Connection

    1 Gbit

  • Daily Backups


  • Dedicated IP


  • Full Remote Desktop Access

  • Allow user to reboot UK VPS

  • FREE

  • GoodBet HR Starter Installed


  • 1 Betting System (pdf) each month

  • Best Betting Bookmarks

45% OFF

Our BIGGEST Plan with ALL Bettingdev Bots and Betting Assistant (Licences included).
  • 4 Gbit

  • Hard Disk Space

    50 GB

  • FREE

  • Number of virtual CPU


  • Monthly Traffic (bandwidth)

    2000 GB

  • Intel Xeon CPU E5 2640 v2 @ 2,0 Ghz

  • Network Connection

    1 Gbit

  • Daily Backups


  • Dedicated IP


  • Full Remote Desktop Access

  • Allow user to reboot UK VPS

  • FREE

  • GoodBet HR Starter Installed


  • 1 Betting System (pdf) each month

  • Best Betting Bookmarks


Want additional DDR3 RAM? Click here.

Latest News

News from our UK VPS services!

- Free ANTIVIRUS solution! We now include a free ANTIVIRUS solution (Microsoft Security Essentials), installed and configured free of charge by our Technical Team.  - Integrated solution to STOP BOOKMAKERS spying you! IESnare (or [...]

Frequently Ask Questions

Does your UK VPS include software licences?2018-11-08T13:36:28+02:00

Our UK VPS does not include the licence(s) of softwares you want to run on our UK VPS. However, you should note that Plans may include certain licenses so that the softwares you run might influence your choice of plan:

  • Gold Plan includes licenses for Profit Simulator, Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro, Malbot Horse Racing, Spikey Soccer, Spikey Tennis, GoodBet HR/DRS and Betting Assistant.
  • VIP Plan includes license for Profit Simulator.
  • Standard Plan includes license for Profit Simulator.These licenses are included as long as you remain a subscriber to the eligible plan.
How can I log in to our VPS from Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iPhone?2018-11-16T10:51:28+02:00

Apple Remote Desktop



Mac OS X users can also use Microsoft’s official RDC program, one of the best remote desktop apps for OS X. It is available for download here.




You can then add your VPS’s IP, username and password like this:

Remote Desktop Mac 1














Double click to the Connection Name to connect to the VPS.

Remote Desktop Mac 2







You’ll get a certificate warning. Click on “Show Certificate“.

Remote Desktop Mac 3












Tick the checkbox for “Always trust…”
to not get warned about the self-signed certificate in the future.

Remote Desktop Mac 4


We also recommend the open-source application CoRD for OS X, which can be downloaded from here. The required login credentials will be the same as above.



There are several RDP clients available for Linux, rdesktop being one of the most popular. The required login credentials will be the same as above.



Search the Android Market or App Store for “RDP” and select a remote desktop app. Usually we use this great application. The required login credentials will be the same as above.

I’m not a techie and I want to become a future new user. How can you help me?2018-09-29T23:52:11+02:00

That’s the beauty of using our vps – we worry about the techie stuff and about new users! to start with: When you join our vps scheme you are actually taking space on our servers. You are no longer relying on your usual connection, hoping it will maintain service. We can tell you, hand on heart, that they are more up to date, bigger and faster than your own machine and that our team is always at your side to familiarize you with your new partner that is a VPS for any question,(even the one that seems stupid to you).

Which betting software can you install on our UK VPS?2018-09-30T14:40:16+02:00

Typically we can install any betting software (TheBetEngine, GHBot, Geeks Toy, MarketFeeder, Betting Assitant, Bet Angel,…). We take care of everything: to configure your UK VPS and set up the software(s) you need Just ask after subscription!
We provide you with the information to access it via a Remote Desktop Connection Application. After, you just have to start your betting software, and you are into the world of betting!
PS: But keep in mind that our UK VPS does not include the licence(s) of softwares you want to run on our UK VPS.

Does it work on a Chromebook?2018-03-19T21:28:33+02:00

Absolutely, it’s easy to remotely access to our UK VPS from your Chromebook. Chrome Remote Desktop will allows you to remotely access through your Chromebook. Click here to add Chrome Remote Desktop to Chrome.

Does the subscription allow me to use a tablet and laptop?2018-04-16T17:41:15+02:00

You can access to our UK VPS from any devices (computer, tablet or mobile – Android or iPhone) and  from any operating system (Windows, MAC or Linux) but one at a time.

How to access your VPS using Windows Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)?2018-04-16T17:49:19+02:00

Connecting to your Windows VPS from your Windows PC is easy with Microsoft’s own Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) program. It is included with most versions of Windows.

How to Connect:
1. Open the Start menu of your computer.
2. Click on the All programs menu.
3. Click on the Accessories menu.
4. Click on the Remote Desktop Connection program.
If you can’t find it, run Start > Run > mstsc.exe.
5. Enter your VPS details as follows:
Computer: [IP address of your VPS.]
This is supplied in your “Your VPS is configured and ready-to-use” e-mail that you will receive after subscription.


Click Show Options. Select the tab named Experience. Check that one of the following options is selected in the combo box that allows you to choose your connection speed:

– Detect connection quality automatically
– High-speed broadband

Do not select Modem or Low-speed broadband otherwise you will not be able to connect to the VPS.
Click Connect.


RDC will prompt for your password. Enter the following:
Username: Administrator
Password: Password is supplied in your “ Your VPS is configured and ready-to-use ” email that you will receive after subscription. We advise you to copy/paste it to avoid errors.


You may see a message like the following. This happens because the security certificate used by your
VPS is self-generated and self-signed. It’s OK to connect because you know it’s your own server, so feel free to select “Don’t ask me again for connections to this computer.

AND THAT’S ALL you are now logged in your VPS!

Got some questions, doubts or worries? Do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll answer fully and set your mind at ease!

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