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Save time and effort and get every day all the UK/IRE races with all the data automatically filled into GOODBET for the ridiculous price of £9.99/month!

We provide ALL the UK/IRE races with all the data automatically filled into GoodBet.

The job of GoodBet (Horse Racing Edition) is to cut through and organise all the information so that you are presented with a broad analysis of any race, so that you can focus on the more likely winners. By subscribing to UK/IRE DAILY RACES SERVICE all data are automatically filled into GoodBet. You have now the luxury of time and ready facts organised for you to make your betting decision without being in a hurry and with all the necessary information.

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The essential: UK/IRE DAILY RACES SERVICE for GoodBet

Here at Bettingdev, we will not hide our pride in GoodBet (Horse Racing Edition) as one of our favorite softwares. GoodBet is a SUPER tool in manual entry mode but, when you choose to subscribe to our DAILY RACES SERVICE (UK/IRE races with all the data automatically filled into GoodBet), things get even easier: Results are just UNBELIEVABLE!

  • GoodBet (Horse Racing Edition) can stand alone: NO need a Betfair account, NO need another third party.
  • You can use the ratings of GoodBet “Horse Racing Edition” to bet with the Betting Exchange, at your favourite bookmaker or directly on the racetracks.
  • Usable with horse racing from all over the world!
  • Designed for both beginners and experts.



Goodbet aims to sift out the races and selections to focus on so that you can then pay attention to those and the appropriate betting strategy. GoodBet’s ratings can be used to bet on Win, Place, Exacta, Tricast, Swinger, DOB… It’s up to you with the GoodBet’s rating to bet like you want.

CLICK HERE TO TAKE A LOOK  AT SOME OF BEST RESULTS WITH GOODBET (Horse Racing Edition) AND OUR DAILY RACES SERVICE! There are many other winning bets, but here we have a sample of the best with a full stop at “results”. Daily updated.


There are a number of ratings services available and I consider the Good Bet offering to be a positive addition to the range. Potential users need to check out the methodology on the manual system before deciding to advance to the Automatic service.

By using the framework provided it will be possible to develop your own nuances and preferences to hopefully improve your betting outcomes. There are testimonials on the site which indicate a wide range of successful uses and the response of the service to enhance the software following requests is encouraging.

There will be a time investment needed to assimilate the underlying methodology but after the initial effort the time saving should be considerable especially if using the Automatic Service which is a steal at the low monthly subscription – I would venture to suggest that if you are happy with the initial offering the subscription add on is a no brainer.

If making your own selections for horse racing betting is the way you wish to go then you should consider this option very seriously. A fair price is charged for the method and excellent value for the automatic daily output.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any statistics for this software or past history of results?2018-09-10T17:41:35+00:00

GoodBet is not a system in the usual sense. We have used horse racing data and our experience to present the runners in any race in a different way so that those with the most likely winning potential rise to the top and come more strongly into focus. While it is down to the user to make decisions on when and how to bet, the User Manual provides some hints.
I can say that one of our users has developed a set of rules based on the manual advice and reports that 50% of bets win and he has many less losing days. He says this is because the Daily Service saves a lot of work and identifies quickly the races and horses to concentrate on.

If I want to take the automatic daily service do I have to buy the basic system first?2018-05-07T22:54:46+00:00

Yes, absolutely!

To sum up:
– £49.95 single payment for the software (GoodBet) – Manual Mode
– £9.99 per month for Auto Daily Update for UK/Irish races (Data Races Service) – Optional

Can you tell me if GoodBet works or not because I am in Australia?2018-03-24T21:06:34+00:00

Absolutely, usable with horse racing from all over the world!

What time is the daily files released?2018-04-19T10:54:40+00:00

We aim to release data files between 7 and 10 am (UK time). We are trying to balance between providing the most accurate data in relation to going, trainers and horses while also giving you the earliest possible access to the data, allowing you time to fit working out your strategies with the rest of what goes on in your world.

How many selection a day is there what’s the winning strike rate longest loosing rune?2018-03-27T12:26:52+00:00

GoodBet deals with every race (though the Daily Service identifies races best not touched – indicated in the manual) and orders selections according to their perceived potential. In doing so, the service guides users towards a more disciplined approach and the better prospects while also saving a lot of time. This, the number of selections and the longest losing run are individual to the bettor and his choices.

Can I use your Daily Races Services without GoodBet Software?2018-03-18T13:52:47+00:00

NO you can’t because they are so closely linked it is not possible to have the Daily Races Service on its own. GoodBet analyse data brought by our Daily Races Services by giving a rating following logicial criteria.

Do I Need a Betfair account or another Subscription to use GoodBet?2018-05-10T18:27:59+00:00

NO another subscription is required to use GOODBET. It is sold at one-time purchase at this great price: £49.95! Once purchased, just install it and enjoy!

What type of races are downloaded into Goodbet with our UK/IRE Daily Races Services?2018-03-18T20:34:05+00:00

All UK/IRE races type are downloaded: flat, jump or even harness racing.

When and where can I download UK/IRE races?2018-03-17T18:30:38+00:00

The races are updated each day in the morning into GoodBet, a message is flashing in green when they are available. You have just to click on the link to download them.

You do not have to waste hours of your valuable time manually entering all the data into GoodBet.
Any cost/benefit analysis will tell you there is more fun and return from focusing on where the winners are!
Our Daily Races Service is a steal at such a low cost:

£9.99 per month!


By subscribing to our Daily Races Services you confirm you are aware that you have to buy GoodBet Software first and that you have read and agree to our Terms and Conditions. Subscriptions auto-renew and payments are automatically made each month (Recurring payment by Paypal) unless cancelled manually
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